Small xxxxx xxxxx × M xxxxx 2008 Bay Arabian
Small xxxx xxxxx × xxxxx 2009 Grey Arabian
Small xxxxx xxxxx × xxxxxx 2010 Bay Arabian
Small xxxxxxx xxx × xxxxx 2011 Bay Arabian
Small xxxxx xxxxx × xxxx 2011 Grey Arabian
Small xxxxx ABHA Qatar × xxxxxxxx 2012 Chestnut Arabian
Small xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx 2011 Chestnut Arabian

Breeding Horses

Greca Stud is proud to offer some of the finest Arabian fillies, colts, mares and stallions to breeders around the world. With nearly fiftyyears of experience, the Greca breeding program utilizes world-class bloodlines to create excellence in each generation. We invite you to discover your next opportunity amongst the latest offering of quality breeding stock.

Marcelo Greca, julgando, Punta Del EsteDébora e Negativ
Greca Arabian Stud Haras Greca/El Aduar
Est. da Galinha, 800, Osório,
RS, 95550-000, Brasil
Phone: +55 51 33916020
Cel : +55 51 91865268